Do you use the “cry it out” method?

No. We do not endorse the Cry it Out or “CIO” method. During this sleep teaching situation children are left in a room, ignored completely, for hours on end. The CIO method assumes that crying is what teaches your child and honestly, you do not need our help to do CIO. We believe that parents teach their child by setting them up for success from the beginning. When we work with families we first investigate what is happening in your baby’s life to tackle things may be making it hard for your baby to sleep. This way, when it’s time for your baby to learn to sleep without you it’s as easy as possible. However, in order for us to help your baby learn to sleep independently, we modify the way you interact with your child during sleep times. Most parents can agree that most often when they change their patterned response (as gradual or as caring as it might be) their baby notices and expresses frustration by crying. Nighttime is no exception. But we teach parents how to communicate with their child at night and how to interact when their child needs them. In the end, doing some important homework and following our advice will help your baby quickly realize what you already know getting a good night’s rest feels great!

July 19, 2012

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