I have a 5 week old and need help now. Can you help?

Extra weary parents are welcome to schedule a call with¬†one of our consultants¬†anytime they are really struggling and need someone to talk to. However, not much “teaching” can happen until a baby is a minimum of eight weeks old gestationally corrected, because your baby doesn’t yet have the ability to learn independent sleep. In fact, we encourage clients to wait for a full consultation package until their baby is at least 12-16 weeks old gestationally corrected. That way, parents know the baby is ready to learn. If you find you are struggling to make it to 12-16 weeks, we suggest you call for reinforcements from friends, family, babysitters, doulas, night nurses, etc. Until then, you can’t make any sleep mistakes unless you are sacrificing your baby’s safety. No new parent should feel ashamed about asking for help when their baby is this young. And when your baby is old enough to learn, we can help you fix the problem and your village of support will rejoice.

July 19, 2012

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