We have a trip coming up. Is this a bad time to start working on sleep?

It depends. If your trip is at least two weeks away from your consultation date, you should not have any issues with backtracking. We’ve had clients take their children on all sorts of trips (Italy, Japan, South Africa) without problems immediately following their two weeks of sleep training. If you travel soon after sleep teaching the only thing we recommend is ensuring your destination is conducive to sleep (i.e., you can maintain the general sleep schedule we provide and your child has a sleeping space similar to your home). We actually love family travel ourselves and encourage it. Our goal with any sleep plan is to get parents to a place where they are confident and relaxed about traveling with their children. It just takes being very consistent in the beginning to make sure your child has gotten enough practice sleeping in their initial sleep learning environment. If your destination isn’t conducive to semi-regular sleep, we recommend you schedule a consultation for after you return from your travels.

July 19, 2012

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