Dream Team Baby changed our lives. The experience was incredible and the ultimate gift is Prince Dillon is sleeping.

Arielle & Terry / New York, NY

Thanks so much for all your help in getting Ben to sleep. We are a new family and I love it. I must say you two are nothing short of a miracle. I was not optimistic at first but we believed and most importantly, you believed! My deepest thanks for your help in changing our lives.

Ali & Andrew / New York, NY

Our son Ben was waking at 5:30am every day and taking inconsistent naps. Nothing we tried worked! After sleep training our older daughter, we thought we knew everything there was to know about sleep training. Boy, were we wrong! Dream Team worked miracles in our home. This was the best decision we’ve ever made!

Suzanne / New York, NY

Sophie is doing absolutely amazingly well! She hardly ever cries at all now when we put her down and if she wakes up during the night she chats with herself and then goes back to sleep. It’s great!

Julie & Alex / New York, NY

The Dream Team is caring, supportive, and best of all, know what they are doing. I never dreamed having a regimented day would be so liberating. I can’t say enough great things about the Dream Team, and I would highly recommend them.

Mia & Brett / New York, NY

Getting triplets to sleep through the night is a serious challenge. We tried all kids of suggestions, but none worked. Then we met Dream Team. Within a very short time of implementing their plan, our triplets were sleeping through the night.

Claire & Stanley / Short Hills, NJ

This experience changed our lives; and it was a wonderful gift that we gave to our young son. He now sleeps at night, every night, on his own and willingly. As a result, during the day he experiences the world around him as we hoped he would. Conner and Kira were informed, prepared, and non-judgmental. We are so grateful that we found them. Their plan is comprehensive; and their method works. It is worth the investment.

Bita & Matt / New York, NY

Helping William sleep was one of the most important things we could do for him and for our family as a whole. Following the Dream Team plan worked beautifully – even better than we could have hoped! We did just one night of “sleep training” and the next night William slept through for over 11 hours!

Molly & Chad / Los Angeles, CA

We are truly thankful for the opportunity to work with you. Our lives have changed drastically and we are all very happy! We’ve implemented some techniques with [our older child] and going to bed now is a piece of cake!

Kathy / Maui, HI

After one night with the Dream Team our son had tremendous success with sleep! We’re just amazed and eternally grateful. I feel like we might be able to resume our normal lives again and regain sanity which I’ve truly been losing lately.

Amy & Michael / New York, NY

Josiah is such a great sleeper now and a much happier baby. I wish I had known about your services much sooner because we would’ve avoided six months of stressful and sleep deprived parenting. Thanks to Dream Team we have a happier family: two well- rested parents that have time to focus on each other and quality time to spend with the baby.

Yadira / New York, NY