Sleep Regression

Dealing with Sleep Regression

(Partially excerpted from The Dream Sleeper. Printed with permission from Jossey-Bass.)


If your normally solid sleeper falls off the track, it’s a good idea to go back to basics and do a little investigating.

– Could she be ill (maybe she has an ear infection)?

– Did you just return from a vacation where she may have been off schedule?

– Is she going through a major milestone such as learning how to walk or a language burst?

These are some common reasons for sudden sleep disruptions. However, there are times when there appears to be absolutely no reason for sudden sleep struggles. Even the best sleepers (our children included) have unexplained bumps in the road. When that happens, we recommend taking a deep breath. If they were once a good sleeper they can get back to that place again. Remain calm, try tightening up on your sleep schedule (sticking to strict nap and bed times) and make sure bedtime is as simple as possible.  After a few days of firm boundaries she should feel comforted by having boundaries around sleep.