About Us

Working on sleep is not just about fixing the immediate problem. When we teach children to learn to love sleep, we begin by looking at all things that may be negatively impacting sleep. This, combined with a central focus on teaching parents all they need to know about sleep leads to good sleep habits in the months, and years, to follow.


We believe that inside every child is a great sleeper. With the right approach, a clear plan, and a positive attitude families can discover their little Dream Sleeper in a short period of time.


Conner Herman and Kira Ryan have helped thousands of families across the country get some much deserved sleep. They are the co-authors of the book The Dream Sleeper and are the sleep experts for TheBump.com.

Company Advisors

Our board of advisors are the backbone of our approach. Each one brings a unique and important expertise on sleep and what can affect it, both negatively and positively.

Our Sleep Consultants

Our advisors help us with the big “sleep picture,” but our consultants are ones who make the magic happen. All mothers themselves, they help restore calm to families overwhelmed by sleep challenges.