Our Philosophy

At Dream Team Baby, our overall sleep philosophy is that children never “age out” of a chance to learn to love sleep. Every child has a great sleeper inside waiting to enjoy a good night’s rest. With the right approach, a clear plan, and a positive attitude families can discover their little Dream Sleeper in a short period of time.

Big Picture Focus

We start each consultation by diving deeply into each child’s life. Sleep struggles are only part of the picture. Many things can affect sleep and and having a 360 degree view of each family is essential to fixing sleep in the long term.

Troubleshooting First

We often address “non-sleep” issues with families before working on sleep. Eating, medical concerns, behavioral issues, childcare challenges, and work schedules are just some of the important areas we examine. This makes the process of learning to sleep as easy as possible for children. This gives us confidence that each child is set up for success before we begin.

Empowering Parents

Our goal is to teach you everything we know so you don’t need us anymore. We want parents to walk away from a sleep consultation with all of the answers they need to address current sleep problems and potential hurdles down the road. The key to long-term sleep success comes from parents.

Celebrating Successes

Fixing sleep and overcoming sleep challenges is a huge accomplishment. An key ingredient of our approach includes celebrating each step your child makes toward independent sleep. Taking a positive-centered approach helps instill a sense of pride in children and helps encourage parents along the way.