For Parents

Sample Schedules By Age

Here are some proposed schedules for your baby. Even if you aren’t sleep training, these schedules are a good guide to help you optimize your baby’s naps and nighttime sleep.

2-4 Month Schedule (download pdf)

4-6 Month Schedule (no solids) (download pdf)

4-6 Month Schedule (solids) (download pdf)

6-15 Month Schedule (download pdf)

15 months-3 years schedule (download pdf)

Customizable Sleep Log

Logging your child’s current eating, sleeping, and fussy habbits will help give you clues to things that  you can change before working on sleep so your baby doesn’t have to fix more than one thing at a time. That means your baby will learn so much more efficiently when you are ready to start working on sleep.

Sleep Log Template (download pdf)

Parent Contract

Parenting is complicated.  Not only is there a ton of conflicting information out there, but you also need to make sure you and your spouse are on the same page.  This creates a lot of extra conflict for new parents because neither parent is the expert. So you divide and concquer on issues. While this tactic is helpful in multitasking, sleep is one of those things that should not be left up to one parent.

Parent Contract (download pdf)


Baby Bear Sleeps (girl) (download pdf)

Baby Bear Sleeps (boy) (download pdf)